Oulala Review

Oulala is a daily fantasy football (as in soccer) site that has been expanding rapidly on the international stage and appears primed to have a breakout year in 2018. This fantasy site focuses exclusively on soccer and takes a unique approach to DFS with a comprehensive scoring system, live substitutions and more.



Oulala is an international daily fantasy football (soccer) site with a comprehensive scoring system, live substitutions and a focus on international markets.


  • Realistic soccer scoring system
  • Focuses on international markets, not just the US
  • Supports live, in-game substitutions


  • Current player base is small (but growing)
  • No welcome bonus for new customers
  • Does not support real money games for USA customers

Overall Rating


Prize Pools

Sports Coverage

Contest Variety


Oulala Info

  • Site: Oulala
  • Website: www.oulala.com
  • Established: 2013
  • Country: Malta
  • Support: Live chat and e-mail
  • Minimum Deposit: €15

We haven’t heard a whole lot about daily fantasy sports site Oulala here in the United States, but the company has been picking up steam and making waves abroad with their comprehensive fantasy football product. Between winning “Best DFS Product of the Year” for two years running and announcing major international expansions, Oulala has done more than enough to catch our attention.

Oulala does not support real money contests for customers in the USA, but instead focuses its efforts on underdeveloped international markets. In 2017, Oulala signed three separate agreements with major gaming brands in different parts of the world to expand its international footprint.

These deals included an agreement with Marsbet to expand its European presence, an agreement with Safaribet Kenya to expand its African presence and an agreement with Bravio Gaming to expand in India.

It is clear the company has big plans on the world stage, so now is as good a time as any to conduct an Oulala review and offer our thoughts on the product so far.

Oulala Overview

Oulala differs from most other daily fantasy sites in three key respects. First, they have the most in-depth scoring system by a longshot. Whereas DFS operators such as DraftKings may have fewer than 20 scoring metrics, Oulala scores fantasy players based on more than 70 different stats.

Interestingly, the goal behind having so many scoring metrics is not to make Oulala unnecessarily complicated and appealing only to stats geeks. In reality, the object is to make Oulala more accessible to football fans.

Here’s how Oulala CEO and co-founder Valery Bollier put it during an interview with SportsPro Media:

 “It takes 70 statistics into account, as well as different weightings for different players; a defender who scores gets more than a striker that scores, for example. The only thing that customers need to know is that our scoring system is so efficient that they don’t ever need to read the system. Too many people dominate fantasy sports just because they work out the scoring system. With our game you have to study football, rather than study the scoring system. With other games, it’s not fans that are winning, it’s the geeks.”

Second, Oulala supports live substitutions. You can visit the “Live Coaching” area after a contest has begun to monitor your players in real times and make live substitutions. At other fantasy sites, you’re lucky if they let you do late swaps during a slate that has already started; Oulala will let you actually switch out players mid-game.

When you draft a fantasy team at Oulala, you can draft up to six substitutes in addition to your regular team. Substitutes deduct from your virtual salary just like regular players, but substitutes are completely optional. This seems like a feature that will have tons of strategy implications not just in drafting your team, but also in keeping an eye on things in real-time and knowing how to make efficient use of your three daily substitutes.

One more way in which Oulala differs from other fantasy providers is in its growth strategy as a business. Oulala does not just operate on its own website at Oulala.com. The company relies heavily on white label agreements with other operators (such as Marsbet and Safaribet Kenya) to integrate its platform into existing gaming operations.

This strategy allows Oulala to expand into new markets without having to start from scratch in establishing a name and attracting customers. Instead, Oulala can be made available on the websites of established operators that are already known in their respective markets. What this means is you just might begin seeing Oulala fantasy contests on other betting sites in the near future.

Overall, the people behind Oulala come across as smart, creative and educated on the intricacies of daily fantasy. In various interviews, the Oulala CEO has represented himself and his company well. Our first impressions of Oulala have been overwhelmingly positive between comments from the CEO, Oulala business decisions and unique features found on the fantasy platform.

All that being said, Oulala does have plenty of room for improvement in certain areas – like the interface itself and player traffic. While our first impressions are positive, we do need to see this site grow significantly before we’re ready to call it a viable alternative to established players such as DraftKings and FanDuel.

Playing Fantasy Football at Oulala.com

The actual experience of playing fantasy football at Oulala.com is fairly straightforward. After you sign up for an account, the first place you’ll visit is the main drafting lobby to see a list of open contests. This screen is where you’ll see all contests available for play along with the entry fee, prize structure and start date.

As a fairly new DFS entrant, Oulala does not yet have many contests on offer as of this writing. You’ll find a handful of contests available on any given day, but selection is limited and entry fees are all in the low range. At the time of this review, available contests had entries ranging from €0 to €5.

Here’s what you’ll see when visiting the Oulala contest lobby:

We may just be spoiled after dealing with established operators so long, but the Oulala interface still looks a little rough around the edges. There is not much in the way of sorting options in the main contest lobby and the overall graphic presentation looks a bit amateurish. We try not to judge a book by its cover, but the design could use some improvement.

If you find a contest that looks interesting, you can click the “join” button to visit the drafting area. The drafting area is where you build your dream team from a list of all players scheduled to play in that slate of matches.

Inside the drafting area, you are given a virtual budget of €100 million to use to draft players. Player costs are set by Oulala and are based on a combination of past performances and expected output in upcoming matches. Generally, the better a player is, the more he costs. The strategy in daily fantasy always comes down to trying to build the most effective team possible while staying within your virtual salary.

The drafting area has its strong and weak points. On the strong side, the interface is intuitive. If you understand how daily fantasy works, you will have no trouble at all getting started at Oulala.

The center of the drafting area shows a visual representation of the football pitch and here you can choose different formations which alter how many players you will pick for each position. On the right side if a list of players, which can be sorted by league, club and position. You can browse through all available players or use a search form to find specific players.

One downside with the drafting area is it lacks detailed player updates. You can click on the name of any player to see some basic recent stats, but it would be nice to see Oulala integrate news updates for each player similar to how the big US-based fantasy sites do so. For now, you will need to do research outside the Oulala platform for in-depth info on individual players.

Below are three screenshots that show what information you get for each player on the Oulala platform:

Oulala Scoring Rules

Oulala fantasy football contests give you a starting budget of €100 million to draft 11 players and up to six subs. After you have your team drafted, each player will accumulate fantasy points based on stats accumulated in the real world. Your goal in all of this is to build a team that earns more fantasy points than other people’s teams and win the contest.

The scoring system for Oulala is by far the most complex we have seen to date. It’s quite a bit to take in and may even turn off players who are used to building lineups based maxing out a limited number of stats, but the idea just might work. The people at Oulala believe this scoring system is the most accurate in the world when it comes to ranking players on a numbered scale.

You can click on the following thumbnail to see a full-size screenshot of the Oulala scoring rules.

Final Thoughts

Oulala is still a little rough around the edges, but it is definitely a promising fantasy site for football fans outside the US. Company leadership seems invested and serious about making this work, and their strategy for expanding on an international scale makes a lot of sense.

The site itself could use some work, but that’s to be expected for a fantasy site that has only recently begun to grow. While our opinion so far is favorable, we’ll have to wait and see how Oulala performs over the next year to make a firm judgment one way or another. What we can say is Oulala is off to a strong start.