FireFan Sports App Review from a Fan’s Perspective

Notice: FireFan is still operational, but we’re not sold on this site’s staying power. The site has an odd business model and a sparse social media presence. We recommend fantasy players look elsewhere.

There’s a new sports app on the market that wants to change the way we watch sports and compete with our friends. We do not speak for FireFan, but we’re excited to see what it’s all about and write an early review based on our own experiences as sports fans.



FireFan is the newest way to play sports games with your friends. Make short-term predictions during the game to score points, move up in the rankings and win the contest. Each contest lasts the duration of one game and the player who gets the most predictions correct wins.


  • A new and exciting way to play sports games
  • High-paced, action-oriented experience
  • Can challenge friends and sports celebrities alike


  • Not a traditional fantsy sports app
  • FireFan is so new that we don't know if it has staying power

Overall Rating

Sports Coverage

Contest Variety


Social Features

FireFan (SUSPENDED) Info

It’s called FireFan and according to what we have read about it so far, it allows you to compete with your friends, celebrities, and others in making live predictions during sporting events such as NFL games. The better you are at predicting who will make the next big play or score the next goal, the more tokens you earn and swag you receive.

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To be clear, FireFan is not a fantasy sports game, but it’s related to sports and we figure that’s good enough to make it worth a quick FireFan review. There seems to be a lot of hype surrounding the new app, so let’s take a look at what it does and how it works. The FireFan app has now gone live and we’ve had a chance to take it for a test run. Our initial impression has been positive and the rest of this review will discuss our take on the all-new FireFan app.

The basic idea behind FireFan is that on game day, you and your friends join contests for upcoming games and then begin making in-game predictions such as the next play to be called, how many yards the receiver will acquire after the next kickoff and more. Answer correctly to earn points, dominate contests and talk smack to the opposition.

How to Play FireFan Online

Each contest lasts the full duration of one single game. During the game, FireFan poses questions to each person participating in the contest. Your goal as a player is to make predictions and earn points for getting it right. There is also a strong strategy component due to different answers being worth varying numbers of points. The most unlikely outcomes are worth the most points while the “safe” answers are worth significantly fewer.

For example, answers to a question regarding the outcome of the opening kickoff might include options such as running it back for a touchdown, running it back for a 10-yard gain, ending in a touchback and so on. The touchdown option in this example would be worth the most points due to kickoff returns for touchdowns being so rare. Alternatively, you could go with the touchback option for a safer but lower-paying prediction.

Many questions will be asked over the course of a game and your goal as a player is to get as many of those correct as possible. Each correct answer adds to your points total, and the player with the most points at the end of the game wins the contest.

Tokens serve as the virtual currency of the game and are required to buy in to contests and unlock additional features. You can purchase tokens directly through the FireFan app or earn them by watching in-game advertisements. Also, as you spend tokens, you earn loyalty tickets. These tickets can later be exchanged for real-world gear such as t-shirts, hats, electronics and other goods from the rewards store.

FireFan Access Code

FireFan is still in its early release phase and if you visit the website, you will be asked to enter your “access code” before they will let you register for an account. Alternatively, you can visit the app store to download FireFan directly. If you are asked for your FireFan access code at any time, just use the code FSBONUS.

In most cases when a traditional fantasy sports site asks for a referral code of some sort, it really makes no difference whether or not you input anything. FireFan, however, does require an access code for all new customers who register through the website. They will probably remove this requirement at some point, but it is mandatory for now.

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App Interface

Now that we have had a chance to play with the app for ourselves, it’s time to offer our hands-on review. The app launched in its beta testing phase so we expected it to be still fairly rough around the edges. Apart from a few server overload issues, the app was polished and functioned smoothly.

Overall, this is a feature-heavy app with many options to explore and play around with. You can create friends lists, establish your favorite teams so you’ll be notified of upcoming contests featuring those players, challenge your friends, see which games celebrities are playing in and more.

One thing we found particularly surprising was the amount of information available to help you keep up with the games, teams and even individual players. The FireFan app keeps track of every game complete with scores statistics for every team. You can view depth charts, check up on individual players and even see the latest news updates for every team from right inside the app.

Graphically, this is a very slick app. The layout is intuitive enough that little explanation is even required. You just join any game in progress and then answer the questions as they pop up on you screen. However, there is a lot to explore so it’s easy to miss key features if you’re not familiar with the app. The best thing to would be to just get in there, play around, click on things and play in a few games. It will all make sense as you get firsthand experience.


Early Impression

Our initial impression is that FireFan offers a fun and engaging experience. The idea of making snap decisions in the middle of a game is very appealing for action junkies such as ourselves. There’s nothing quite like it out there and that makes this an appealing alternative to the traditional fantasy sports sites that currently dominate the sports-gaming market. FireFan is definitely not fantasy sports and that is a good thing.

The only concern we have at this point is related to the newness of the app. It hasn’t been out for very long so it’s hard telling if it will have the staying power to survive the difficult early months that always plague new startups. If FireFan is able to tough it through the early stages, it will be a force to be reckoned with.

In any case, the app is free to try so you might as well check it out. FireFan already covers a variety of sports and our experience with NFL FireFan contests has been very positive.