Fantasy Golf Sites

Online fantasy isn’t restricted to team sports. You normally think of golf as a solo endeavor but fantasy golf makes it possible to draft your own team of golfers from around the world. After you put your team together, you earn points based on the real world performances of your draft picks. If your team does well as a whole, you win the league and a cash prize.

Top Ranked Fantasy Golf Sites:

First contest refund - up to $12018/21+ to Play, T&Cs Apply
$22 Free Entry with First Deposit18/21+ to Play, T&Cs Apply

One thing you may like about fantasy golf is the simple scoring system used to determine the winners. This is nothing like fantasy football or baseball where you have dozens of scoring metrics and a variety of positions that each score points for unique achievements. In golf, it’s all about finding the best all-around players for your team.

Every person slated to compete in an upcoming tournament is available for drafting. The only limitation you have as the team manager is your salary. You are given a limited amount of money to work with and are forced to make trade-offs when drafting players for your team. The best-ranked players in the world are priced too high for you to make a team composed entirely of the top guys and girls in the world.

Even if you have no experience with fantasy betting, you won’t have too much trouble getting started with fantasy golf leagues. Points are awarded to players for placing well in tournaments and achieving accomplishments such as birdies, eagles and sub-70 rounds.

Best Sites for Fantasy Golf

Golf is a pretty niche fantasy sport so the big thing you’ll want to look for when choosing a site is volume. Bonuses, promotions and awesome rules don’t mean anything if it’s hard to even find a game. Some sites don’t even cover fantasy golf at all.

The odds are more sites will expand into golf as time passes. DraftKings already added PGA contests last year and other sites will probably follow suit. Here’s a look at the best sites right now for real money fantasy golf leagues

1. FanDuel

FanDuel is our number one pick for fantasy golf due to several factors. First of all, FanDuel is just a high quality fantasy site through-and-through. They are reputable, they offer large guaranteed contests (with $200,000+ prize pools on offer every week) and the interface makes drafting your dream team of golfers a breeze.

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Scoring Rules

  • $60,000 salary cap
  • Draft 6 golfers
  • Points are awarded to your team as follows:
Eagle or Better7 points
Birdie3.1 points
Par0.5 points
Bogey-1 point
Double Bogey or Worse-3 points
Finishing PositionPoints
1st Place20 points
2nd-5th Place12 points
6th-10th Place8 points
11th-25th Place5 points
Streak (consecutive holes in a row under par)0.6 points
Bounce Back (hole under par after hole over par)0.3 points
5+ Birdies (a round with 5+ holes under par)4 points
Bogey-Free Round5 points

2. DraftKings

DraftKings is another safe bet for fantasy PGA games. After FanDuel and DraftKings, no other sites even come close in terms of active users, prize pools and promotions. Where DraftKings regularly hosts golf contests with $600,000 prize pools, you’re lucky to find $200 prize pools at other sites. simply has the power of size and name recognition.

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Scoring Rules

  • $50,000 salary cap
  • 6 golfers on a team
Per Hole ScoringPoints EarnedStreaks and BonusesPoints Earned
Double Eagle or Better13 pointsStreak of 3 Birdies or Better (max 1 per round)3 points
Eagle8 pointsBogey Free Round3 points
Birdie3 pointsAll 4 rounds under 70 strokes5 points
Par0.5 pointsHole in One5 points
Bogey-0.5 points
Double Bogey or Worse-1 point
Tournament FinishPoints EarnedTournament FinishPoints Earned
1st30 points9th8 points
2nd20 points10th7 points
3rd18 points11th-15th6 points
4th16 points16th-20th5 points
5th14 points21st-25th4 points
6th12 points26th-30th3 points
7th10 points31st-40th2 points
8th9 points41st-50th1 point

How Fantasy Golf Works

In fantasy golf betting, you are given a salary that is used to draft a team of golfers who are scheduled to play in some upcoming tournament. Most sites cover the PGA Tour and occasionally the European Tour. Your goal is to assemble the most effective team possible while staying within your salary cap.

Each golfer comes with a price tag that varies based on his expected performance. High profile golfers come with larger price tags than the others and it is impossible to draft a team composed entirely of the stars of the golfing world.

This is where the strategy of the game enters the picture. It would be easy to just pick all the best players in golf and win every league, but the salary cap renders that strategy useless. You’ll have to choose carefully and look for value in order to assemble a team capable of racking up more points than your opponents.

If you scroll back up and look at the scoring rules for each of the main fantasy golf sites, you’ll see that it all comes down to choosing golfers who are likely to perform well overall. Any golfer capable of placing well in a tournament is going to rack up bonus points for birdies, eagles and avoiding bogies.

The hard part is balancing your team. If you go with a couple of high-priced players, you’ll rely on those guys for the majority of your points. The remainder of your team will consist of lower-ranked players due to salary limitations. For example, let’s take a look at this sample draft from DraftKings:

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You can see here that I drafted Sergio Garcia right off the bat. He is the hottest player right now and drafting him required an outlay of $12,200. I now have less than $38,000 in salary to spend on five more players. Over on the right side of the screen, it shows that I have an average of $7,560 to spend on each of my other picks.

Choosing high profile players is the easy part of fantasy golf. It becomes increasingly difficult as you move down the line and make picks with a smaller and smaller remaining salary. A lot of the teams you see in fantasy golf load up on the same high profile players. Your advantage comes in finding value in the lower-ranked players who make up the remainder of your team.