Formula 1 Acquires Stake in Fantasy Site PlayON and Launches New Games

Formula 1 has announced a deal to acquire a significant stake in daily fantasy site PlayON and make it the official fantasy partner of F1. Terms of the deal are undisclosed, but media reports state the deal was based on a €35 million valuation of Dublin-based PlayON.

In addition to making PlayON the official fantasy partner of F1, the deal will also see both companies join forces to launch new season-long and daily fantasy contests. The official season-long fantasy F1 league is now live at and official daily fantasy contests can be found at

An F1 press release also reveals the PlayON platform will integrate live F1 Grands Prix streams in certain key markets. The PlayON website now explains that players who have entered a paid F1 contest will soon be able to watch live F1 TV at for no additional charge.

According to the press release, both companies stand to gain with this deal. As the official fantasy partner of F1, will gain access to millions of new F1 fans around the world with increased visibility and F1 will benefit from expanding its reach in the growing fantasy sports market.

New PlayON F1 Fantasy Format

Formula 1 and PlayON have partnered to introduce season-long and daily fantasy contests. Both formats will be based on similar scoring rules, but each will play out differently in other aspects.

Daily Fantasy F1 Contests

Daily fantasy Formula 1 games are now open for business at the PlayON website. You can get stated today by visiting the PlayON website, signing up for an account and then visiting the lobby for a list of upcoming F1 contests. Currently, PlayON is running F1 games with entries ranging from absolutely free to $220. Prizes range from nothing more than bragging rights to as much as $20,000 up for grabs.

Daily fantasy leagues at PlayON are pretty straightforward. After you find a contest you like and enter, you’ll be given a $100 million budget to pick five drivers and one constructor. You can edit and change your team as you wish until all teams lock at the start of qualifying for the day’s race.

After the race begins, your team will earn points based on their performance in that race (see the scoring rules below). After the end of the race, the teams with the highest point totals win payouts based on their final rankings among all other entrants.

Daily Fantasy Leaderboard Challenge will be running a season-long leaderboard challenge that adds a season-long element without disrupting the fast-paced nature of daily fantasy. If you participate in at least three daily fantasy contests over the course of the season, will track your top three scores and put them up against other players’ scores on the global 2018 F1 leaderboard.

The top three leaderboard players at the end of the season will win the following:

  • 1st Place: VIP trip to a 2019 Grand Prix
  • 2nd Place: Signed F1 helmet
  • 3rd Place: F1 TV for a year

Season-Long Leagues

Season-long leagues operate on the Formula 1 website but are also powered by PlayON behind the scenes. At, players can start a new league or join an existing league before the first race of the F1 season.

  • Draft your team: Ahead of the F1 season, you’ll be given a $100 million budget to draft five drivers and one constructor. You can edit and change your team as much as you want up until the start of qualifying for the first race of the season
  • Choose your turbo driver: Designate one of your drivers to be the “turbo” driver ahead of each race. This driver scores double points during that race.
  • Watch the race: You have a team; you have a turbo driver. All you need to do now is sit back, watch the race and see how your team performs. Your team will earn points according to the scoring rules posted below.
  • 1 Change Between Races: You may make just one change to your team between each race. You also have a single wildcard that you may use only one time during the season to change your entire team.
  • Select your next turbo driver: You may designate one of your drivers as the turbo driver to score double points between each race.

As you try to win your individual league, Formula 1 will also track your results across the entire website as a part of the global leaderboard. At the end of the season, the players who have earned the most fantasy points out of everyone across the entirety of the season stand to win one of three grand prizes:

  • 1st Place: Score more points this season than anyone else on the F1 global leaderboard to win Paddock Club tickets to your choice of Grand Prix in 2019.
  • 2nd Place: Finish in second place to win Grandstand tickets with paddock access to your choice of Grand Prix in 2019.
  • 3rd Place: 12-month subscription to F1 TV Pro

Fantasy F1 Scoring

On race day, season-long teams and daily fantasy teams both earn points according to the following scoring rules. The major difference between the two formats is daily fantasy contests end after that week’s race and payouts are issued right then and there. The season-long leagues last until the final race of the season.

Note that drivers score points based on their own performance while constructors score points based on all of their drivers (with the exception of categories marked as “driver only”).

Qualifying GeneralPointsQualifying PositionPoints
Did not progress to Q21 pointPole Position10 points
Progressed to Q2 but not to Q32 points2nd Place9 points
Progressed to Q33 points3rd Place8 points
Qualified ahead of teammate2 points (driver only)4th7 points
Did not qualify-5 points (driver only)5th6 points
6th5 points
7th4 points
8th3 points
9th2 points
10th1 point


Race GeneralPointsFinishing PositionPoints
Finished race1 point1st25 points
Finished ahead of teammate3 points (driver only)2nd18 points
Finished race, position gained2 points (max 10 points)3rd15 points
Fastest lap5 points (driver only)4th12 points
Started race within top 10 but lost position-2 points per place (max -10 points)5th10 points
Started race outside top 10 but lost position-1 point per place (max -5 points)6th8 points
Not classified-15 points (driver only)7th6 points
Disqualified-2o points (driver only)8th4 points
9th2 points
10th1 point


Streaks (Season Long Only)Points
Driver qualifies in top 10 for 5 straight races5 points
Driver finishes in top 10 for 5 straight races10 points
Constructor: both drivers qualify in top 10 for 3 straight races5 points
Constructor: both drivers finish in top 10 for 3 straight races10 points