FanDuel and DraftKings Rolling Out New Contest Formats for 2018 Super Bowl

Image credit: Greg Gjerdingen

The two biggest daily fantasy sites in the US are coming up with new ways to tempt customers to get involved on Super Bowl Sunday, which in the past has befuddled fantasy operators looking for ways to capitalize on the biggest single day in sports.

In the recent past, daily fantasy sites were hesitant to do much with the Super Bowl due to a more conservative approach to keeping their games within the legal definition of “fantasy sports.” As state legislatures have become more open to fantasy sports and other providers have pushed the boundaries even further without any significant pushback, established providers like the big two have expanded their offerings.

There was a time not too long ago that FanDuel skipped the Super Bowl altogether, but both sites have come up with increasingly unique ways to take advantage of the big day. This year, we have something to look forward to at both sites for the 2018 Super Bowl.

FanDuel Super Bowl Contests

FanDuel is introducing two new contests types for Super Bowl LII this year. One of these is a single-game format featuring nothing but AnyFLEX positions while the other is more of a one-off promotion that’s free for everyone to enter.

Single-Game Super Bowl Contests

FanDuel has finally joined DraftKings in offering single-game NFL contests just in time for the Super Bowl. Unlike years past, the Super Bowl games at FanDuel will not be joined with the Pro Bowl. You can visit the FanDuel NFL lobby this year and play in the Super Bowl only.

The FanDuel single-game contests operate on a standard $60,000 salary cap model, but allow you to draft five players from any position. Every position on the Super Bowl slate is labeled as AnyFLEX, which means you can fill it with any player you want. If you want two quarterbacks in your lineup, have at it.

One spot on the roster is reserved for a special AnyFLEX player that earns double fantasy points in the game. You can stick anyone you want in that slot and plan your strategy as you wish. Maybe you want to stick Tom Brady in there and let him go to town earning points, or maybe you opt to hedge your lineup by putting your most uncertain performer in the 2x slot. Whoever you put in there will earn double points on game day.

The biggest fantasy Super Bowl contests this year at FanDuel will all be offered in this new single-game format. The $2M FanDuel Big Game Bowl will serve as the flagship tournament this year with a $9 entry fee, $2 million in guaranteed prizes and a $1 million first place payout.

Just head over to and login or signup for an account to see the new game types. You’ll find them by choosing the “Single Game” option on the left side of the screen inside the NFL tab.

Big Game Bingo at FanDuel

FanDuel has partnered with GameStop to host a free-to-play bingo contest that will be giving away $25,000 worth of cash, GameStop gift certificates and an Xbox One. All you have to do is opt in at, grab your bingo card and then watch the Big Game.

If you know how to play bingo, you’ll know what to do when you get your card. Every Super Bowl bingo card will be covered in various props involving the game itself, what happens in the stands and even during the halftime commercials. You’ll get to mark off squares for things like false starts, quarterback run, booth touchdown review, group touchdown dance and even random events like a streaker running across the field.

As soon as you mark off five squares in a row, hit the “Call BINGO!” button at the bottom of your card as quickly as possible. The first players to complete a line will earn cash and other prizes, but anyone who completes a full line by the end of the game will get a free ticket to an upcoming FanDuel contest.

Here’s a look at what you can win if you’re among the first to call bingo.

-Xbox One S 500GB NFL Madden 2018 bundle
-$50 GameStop gift card
-$50 GameStop gift card
-$50 GameStop gift card
-$50 GameStop gift card
2,001st-4,725th-$2Any complete line by the end of the game-Free contest entry

Super Bowl Sunday at DraftKings

DraftKings will most definitely not be skipping out on the Super Bowl this year as well. They’ll be offering single game contests as well, which they originally rolled out for the playoffs. It seems like the test run went well, because all of the biggest Super Bowl fantasy contests at DraftKings will run under the NFL Showdown format.

NFL Showdown contests at DraftKings involve a salary cap like normal, but your lineup will consist of just six players. You’ll pick four offensive players who earn fantasy points like normal and then two defensive players who will earn points based on defensive plays such as tackles and interceptions.

This changes things significantly from a strategy perspective. No longer will you be picking an entire team’s defense. This means it doesn’t really matter how many points either team gives up as a whole – you’ll be looking for individual performances from your two defensive payers.

Here’s how the new defensive scoring rules work for your picks:

Solo Tackle1 pointAssisted Tackle0.5 points
8+ Tackle Bonus3 pointsInterception6 points
Forced Fumble3 pointsOpponent Fumble Recovery3 points
Sack5 pointsPass Defended1.5 points
Safety10 pointsInterception TD Return6 points
Fumble TD Return6 pointsKick Return for a TD6 points
Blocked Kick TD Return6 pointsBlocked Kick10 points
2 Point Conversion2 points

Tackles will play a key role in racking up points for your defenders, but this scoring system is especially rewarding for the real playmakers. Your defensive players will help your lineup stand out from the pack by making game-changing plays such as safeties, TD returns and sacks.

All of DraftKings’ biggest Super Bowl contests will be offered under the NFL Showdown format, so now is the time to acquaint yourself with the rules and devise a strategy to take advantage of the new lineup considerations.

The biggest Super Bowl contest at DraftKings this year will be the $2.4M Big Game Millionaire with a total prize pool of $2,400,000. First place will take home $1,000,000 and it will cost you $20 to take a shot. You can check it out at