NFL Playoffs Heating Up: DraftKings Offering Single Game Contests and FanDuel Handing out Bitcoin

DraftKings and FanDuel are both gearing up for the 2018 NFL playoffs in exciting but very different ways. Each fantasy site announced a new take on fantasy this week with DraftKings boldly going where few have gone before with single-game fantasy contests and FanDuel handing out bitcoin prizes in select tournaments.

Here’s a quick look at what’s in store for the upcoming busy season of daily fantasy in the USA.

DraftKings Announces Single Game Contests

DraftKings will be offering single-game contests called NFL Showdown beginning this weekend for the first round of the 2018 NFL Playoffs. This format is a significant divergence from previous DraftKings offerings because contests will involve just a single game and will allow users to pick individual defensive players for the first time ever.

These new games will be structured in the traditional salary cap format, but will have you pick a six-player team consisting of four offensive players and two defensive players. Your offensive players will accumulate points just like normal according to standard DraftKings scoring rules and that much will be familiar to anyone with prior experience.

Where things start to depart from the norm is your defensive players will also accumulate stats based on their play in the game. Players will be earning points for blocking kicks, making interceptions and so on.

Legal Sports Report first broke the news a few hours ago, and so far, not even the DraftKings website has published full details on the new format. What we do know is DraftKings is taking a bit of a gamble here as the law regarding daily fantasy sports is unclear when it comes to single game contests.

Between DraftKings and FanDuel, DraftKings has always been the bolder of the two when it comes to expanding the business and testing the limits of the law. For example, DraftKings is the only site of the two that still accepts customers from Texas. You can read more about the legal ramifications over at Legal Sports Report here.

Alternatively, you can visit DraftKings at the link below to sign up for an account or log in and be ready for this weekend’s biggest fantasy contests:

NFL Showdown contests are not the first new type of contest introduced by DraftKings this year. At the beginning of the NFL season, DraftKings announced all-new Pick’em style games and Championship Leagues.

Pick’em games at DraftKings do away with salary considerations altogether. Rather than trying to balance a budget to build a team, Pick’em contests have you build an 8-man team by presenting you with eight players at a time. You simply pick the player you want from each tier and then move down to the next tier to make your next pick – and so on down until you have a complete lineup consisting of eight players.

Meanwhile, Championship Leagues allow you and your friends to create a season-long league that has you draft a new lineup every weekend for that week’s games. Championship League commissioners can set an entry fee and establish a season-long prize pool to be paid out at the end of the season in addition to your weekly earnings.

FanDuel Bitcoin Bowl to Give Away Bitcoin Prizes This Weekend

DraftKings’ biggest competitor has announced it will be giving away a few bitcoins this weekend to the winners of two separate FanDuel contests that are collectively known as the Bitcoin Bowl. Bitcoin is noted for its extreme volatility, but it has been worth some serious money these last few months.

As of this writing, 1 bitcoin is worth exactly $15,059.50 according to Of course, that value could change by a few thousand dollars in either direction by the time these contests kick off.

The free-play contest is open to everyone and it starts on January 6th. This contest costs absolutely nothing to play and will give you one 1 bitcoin if you take first place. This might be one of the biggest free-play contests of the year, but you’ll have to overcome some serious competition as the contest has room for 999,999 entries and it is winner-take-all.

The paid contest will only set you back $3, but offers 2 bitcoins for 1st place, half a bitcoin for 2nd place and a quarter of a bitcoin for 3rd place. This one also has room for 999,999 entries and allows multi-entries.

You can check them both out this weekend at: