DraftKings Hosting MLB World Series Contests Right Now

The 2017 World Series is already underway and I am horribly late in getting to this topic, but there is still time to get your game on if you like fantasy baseball. For the first time ever, DraftKings is hosting MLB World Series fantasy contests after figuring out a way to do it legally.

Federal and state gaming laws require daily fantasy contests to be based on the outcome of more than one game in order to differentiate DFS from regular old sports betting. This creates problems for the biggest championships in all sports since games happen one at a time. It’s tough to come up with a workable way to host DFS contests under those conditions.

Well, DraftKings devised a simple solution to make it work this year. DraftKings is now hosting 2-game contests that span across two-game segments throughout the World Series. For example, they are currently running contests for Game 1 and Game 2 and contests for Games 2 and 3. After tonight’s game, DraftKings will open new contests for Games 3 and 4 and then again for Games 4 and 5, Games 5 and 6, and Games 6 and 7.

Contest Availability:

  • Games 2 and 3
  • Games 3 and 4
  • Games 4 and 5
  • Games 5 and 6
  • Games 6 and 7

Basically, these are two-game slates with modified rules to make the contests competitive. In DraftKings World Series fantasy contests, you pick one pitcher (starter or reliever) and three hitters from each team for a total of 8 picks using your $50,000 salary cap. Modified scoring rules will be in place as well:

Single: 3 pointsInning Pitched (SP): 2.25 points
Double: 5 pointsInning Pitched (RP): 3.9 points
Triple: 8 pointsStrikeout (SP): 2 points
Home Run: 10 pointsStrikeout (RP): 3 points
RBI: 2 pointsWin: 4 points
Run: 2 pointsEarned Run Allowed: -2 points
Walk: 2 pointsHit Against: -0.6 points
Hit by Pitch: 2 pointsWalk Against: -0.6 points
Sacrifice Fly: 1.25 pointsHit Batter: -0.6 points
Sacrifice Hit: 1.25 pointsHold: 2.5 points
Stolen Base: 5 pointsSave: 5 points
Complete Game: 2.5 points
Complete Game Shutout: 2.5 points
No Hitter: 5 points
10+ Strikeouts: 2 points
7+ Innings Pitched: 1.25 points

Games 2 and 3 are running right now at a range of stakes, with the MLB $20K Knuckle Ball set to go off tonight at 8:09 PM EST. If you catch this post a little late (which is totally our fault for getting to this topic so late), you can check the DraftKings website for upcoming contests involving the next pair of games.

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If the World Series ends before we reach Game 5, 6 or 7, you’ll be refunded for any contests you already entered involving those games.

Besides the legal issues with hosting contests around major sporting championships, fantasy sites also have a hard time coming up with scoring rules and structures that make sense considering there are so few players to pick from. This is why DraftKings has altered the scoring rules and changed things up just enough to make ties less likely (notice the frequency of half and partial points in the modified scoring rules).

$10 Million Fall Festival

As the MLB season winds down and we go deeper into the NFL season, DraftKings is keeping the momentum going with the $10 Million Fall Festival promotion. From today through October 31st, DraftKings is hosting dozens of guaranteed prize pool contests spanning ten sports for $10 million in guaranteed prizes.

Buyins start as low as $5 with guaranteed prize pools ranging from $2,000 with the smallest single-entry specials to massive contests guaranteeing $3.6 million (this Sunday’s Fantasy Football Millionaire). This weekend, DraftKings is also hosting the high roller’s NFL $1 Million Grand Festival with a nosebleeds entry fee of $1500.

Here’s the full schedule of events straight from DraftKings:

Thursday, 26 Oct
NFL $55K Pick'em Stars and Scrubs$5
NBA Pick'em Special$5
NHL Poke Check$5
NFL $20K Fall Festival Five Max Special$20
NBA Late Night Special$5
Friday, 27 Oct
MLB Single Entry Special$5
CFL $500 Single Entry Special$5
NHL Friday Special$20
NBA Late Night Special$5
Saturday, 28 Oct
NBA Double Up$5
NHL Double Up$5
EPL Double Up$5
MLB Double Up$5
GOLF Double Up$5
MMA Double Up$5
LOL Double Up$5
Sunday, 29 Oct
NFL $100K Three Max Special$5
NAS $6K Single Entry Special$5
NFL $3.6 Million Fantasy Football Millionaire$20
NAS $8K Three Max Special$20
NFL $1 Million Grand Festival$1,500
NFL Sunday Night Spectacular$5
Monday, 30 Oct
NBA Zone$5
NHL Monday Special$20
NBA $1 Million Grand Festival$1,500
NBA Late Night Special$5
Tuesday, 31 Oct
NBA Candy BowlTBD