Daily Fantasy News Roundup: July, 2017

For the second month running, the much-anticipated merger between FanDuel and DraftKings dominated daily fantasy news. We reported last month that the FTC was planning to sue to block the merger between the two fantasy giants. This month, FanDuel and DraftKings sent notice that merger talks are off.

In other news, Maine, Indiana, Delaware and Illinois are moving forward with plans to formally legalize and regulate daily fantasy sports. Indiana is the only one of those states with legislation already implemented; the other states are still working through the process with bills that are in various states of completion. Continue reading

Daily Fantasy News Roundup: June, 2017

This month’s daily fantasy roundup is dominated by one key piece of news that broke just hours ago: the FTC will challenge the proposed merger between DFS giants FanDuel and DraftKings. Rumors that the much-discussed merger was in trouble had been swirling for months, and now we have confirmation from the FTC itself that this most definitely is the case.

In other news, Vermont became the 12th state of the Union to formally legalize and regulate daily fantasy sports. The development in Vermont will change little on the ground because DFS operators were never forced to exit the state, but it does offer legal clarity for operators and basic consumer protections for players. Continue reading

Daily Fantasy News Updates for March 2017

This month’s daily fantasy news roundup will have a distinctively legislative flavor as we catch up on legal updates from across the US. In fact, some of these stories were first reported on by other websites earlier this year. We’ve gotten a little behind on some of those updates, so today we’ll be recapping the DFS legislative developments that we’re watching in 2017. Continue reading

Daily Fantasy News Updates for February 2017

The football season has come and gone, but the big daily fantasy sports sites of the world have no offseason. Industry developments over the last month are encouraging as they show increasing interest in DFS from all sides. It wasn’t all that long ago that a news roundup similar to today’s would have been at least half full of negative news related to state attorneys general seeking to put the kibosh on daily fantasy. Continue reading

You Can Play DFS Super Bowl Games Online – But You Need to Act Quickly

Image credit: Erin Costa

Yes, you can play in Super Bowl 51 fantasy contests at DraftKings and FanDuel this year, but you need to act quickly because lineups must be submitted by January 29th, 2017. That’s because this year’s Super Bowl contests will also be pulling players from the 2017 Pro Bowl. That game gets underway this Sunday at Camping World Stadium in Orlando. Continue reading

Fantasy Football Preview: 2016/17 NFL Conference Championships

Image credit:
Giovanni Arteaga

Well, here we are: the last weekend of pure daily fantasy football. Just three games remain this season and two of them happen this Sunday. Because federal law states that contests must involve two or more contests, this is your final shot to play in NFL-only contests this season. The big DFS sites will most likely have something going on for the Super Bowl, but the law will force them them to add at least one other game from some other sport. Continue reading

Daily Fantasy NFL: Divisional Round Preview, Contests and Picks

Image credit: Erin Costa

The 2016/17 NFL season is winding down, but the big fantasy football sites are still going strong with a full lineup of contests on offer for this weekend’s Divisional Round games. Only eight teams are in action this weekend and that means fewer players to choose from. At least it will be easier to do our research this week with fewer players to consider and matchups to analyze. Continue reading